Akishira (akishira) wrote in ro_fanart,

It's funny...

... what you dig up when you go through your photobucket/imagehostingsitethingy.
All thumbnails go clicky clicky, btw.










 [1] - My favorite priestess in bishop flavor
[2] - Random RO manga page, lol. 
[3] - Marvel x RO crossover contest entry. I think it won a prize of some sort? /hmm
[4] - Requested RO prof chibi. Kinda sketchy, meh.
[5] - Another random RO prof. Came out pretty well, but then I got busy and it's now indefinitely shelved.
[6] - Another shelved project, my guild done poker card style. Didn't get very far with the numbers though.
[7] - GRAND CROSS!!!!!!!!! There's a color version out there (done by the very awesome kaizer_ki) but I claim credit for the original semi-constipated looking sketch. /ho
[8] - My favorite priestess gone gay for a linker, because everybody loves linkers.
[9] - An anniversary request contest. Won second prize! >D

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